Thursday, 10 October 2013

Newfoundland (Part II) - Cape Spear

In this post, I am going to introduce you to the second greatest place in Newfoundland, Cape Spear. Here is one of the other sides of the island where it also borders the Atlantic Ocean. However it is not that aspect that makes this place special, Cape Spear is actually the most easterly point of all over North America. Depends on which direction you are walking from, this is where Canada starts or ends. Cool right! What I love most about Newfoundland is that anywhere you go, there will be the ocean and where ever you can see the ocean, there is the possibility that you can stand right in front of or in the ocean and look out in a distance and you can't identify where the line between the ocean and the sky lies anymore.  

This is the new light house that was built a few decades ago. Although the old one is still on the hill, this is the one that's actually up and going. 

This is the way that leads up to Cape Spear. We were driving through a field of trees to get there; I am actually not too sure if it is a forest then the Newfie just built the highway or something... :p

This is me climbing down the hill to be at one of the most easterly rocks in North America!!

Like I said in the previous post, due to the feature of gorgeousness of Newfoundland, a chill day out would turn into a mini photoshoot for me and Dasha. So here are some of the pictures I took of Dasha while we were visiting Cape Spear for the first time! We didn't even visit it like a normal "tourist" would do. Since there was fee to go in the light house, gun house and whatever house there was, we just climb down the hill to the ocean. I'm not even sure if we were allowed to do that. And also, that is why there was no one else around so we technically could roll around all we could and take as many pictures as we pleased. It was quite great!

WARNING: The next few pictures might contain NSFW rated pictures... You might or might not show them to your children or let your wife know what you were looking up on the Internet... :p Just kidding, I tried not to expose too much of anything. :)

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