About me

I was born in Hanoi, Vietnam on a windy January day as Lunar New Year was approaching. At the time, Vietnam just got out of the war for only 25 years, so I grew up in a so-called "city", it was poor but it was very peaceful and soothing. I moved to Singapore for high school then I moved again to Calgary for university. I never thought I could fall in love with this city so much, I have considered it my home. I am not your typical asian nor would my friends ever use me as a reference for an asian. Growing up in the calmly Hanoi as I could only remember, moving to an overwhelmingly busy Singapore then back to the relaxing scene again in Calgary. I have fallen in love too hard with this westernized cowboy city and I have gladly accepted it. Calgary is like a big small town for me, if anyone understands what I mean. I don't have to go too far to find a peaceful corner, to look up and able to see a sky full of stars, and to smell the fresh Spring grass and the pure snowflake. I love how things move in a much slower pace here and everyone would actually take their precious time to say "thank you" or "hello" or smile at each other. Also, it might be the fact that I moved away in the middle of my teenage years that had a great impact on forming the mixed person that I am today.

I love painting and taking pictures but I only do it when inspirations come. I didn't like art class since there was always a due date and criteria I had to follow. Art is free, creative, personal and sometimes a little time consuming, you can't put a force or a due date to art, ever. 

Enjoy the arts and leave me comments if you have questions or suggestions or anything at all! :) 

Hope you have a great day! <3

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