Saturday, 5 October 2013

Newfoundland - Flat Rock

I was transferred out East to work for the summer and it was one of the most amazingly gorgeous places I have ever been to my entire life. My friend Dasha and I would sometimes go on little adventures by ourselves or with the group. There was never a purposely photo-shoot but the scenery was always so perfect that a casual day out would turn into a mini photo-shoot.
So, this is Flat Rock. By far, my very most favourite place on Earth. It amazes me that I could actually stand right by the Atlantic Ocean; or literally sat in it. All the streams, waterfalls, rivers.. everything goes here and there I was, right in front of my eyes was the enormous Atlantic Ocean. The streams were really strong that we actually could sit on the rocks and the water would run us down towards the ocean like we were on water slides!

The pictures were back lit but I actually just love this a lot better with the outlines of Dasha's body among the ocean, rocks and nature. 

P.S. I just wanted to mix up the atmosphere around here before you think I have only Jenna as my friend.... :p To Be Continued (with both of Jenna's and Dasha's pictures). I'm going back to studying for my midterms now! :(


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