Saturday, 28 September 2013

Downtown Calgary - Jenna (Part I)

After a night of trying to figure how to open an Etsy shop, just to find out that they would actually rob me for any post or any photograph I would ever publish on their website; I had given up and decided to open a blog instead. I have always wanted to open a blog dedicated greatly to my art works and photographs and here I am! Finally after years of procrastination, and also at least now my art isn't as yucky as it was before, I am now totally and entirely confident to show the world my work. I would like to thank my boyfriend Ryan and my friend Jenna for giving me the courage to actually show my works to the public <3
Last Saturday September 21st, my lovely roomie Jenna agreed to be my model for the day after my extreme craving for some Art and Photography for days. We went to downtown Calgary on a beautiful sunny Saturday. It could not have been any more perfect.
I have been obsessed with B&W so I dedicated this whole series to said effect. I aimed for a classical city girl theme, Audrey Hepburn (the classiest woman ever) was my main inspiration for the whole series. (Audrey Hepburn will always be my inspiration for anything, to be honest.)
Our day was broken down into a few different themes and outfits... So here are only the few of the first part of our day. Enjoy <3

Well, I hope you enjoyed my first published blog ever! Ciao xo

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