Thursday 6 February 2014

Nick & Kristen

Phew! COLD eh! The chinook needs to get here like ASAP, it's been a week straight a deep freeze in Calgary. The air hurts my face and I can feel my ears more often than a human being needs to experience in a span of a lifetime. We were pretty lucky to squeeze in this photoshoot last minute right before the extreme cold arrived. 
For the shoot, we went down to the Bow River path way so that Cash (their dog) could have a nice walk and hang around while we were doing the shoot. That's why in some pictures you'll see him hanging out running in the background, did not care about anything but the fact that he is out and free and running! :)
Hope you'll enjoy the pictures of this shoot plus some extra pictures I took of the place we were at. 

Monday 16 December 2013


Finally I can get back to blogging! It has been an extremely busy semester and Calgary's heavy snow has been messing with my head and throat... :( I could finally get around to finish editting this shoot we did at the beginning of the Winter! It was such a cold day we had to rush through the whole shoot. However, the background that looked so much like Winter Wonderland made the pictures turn out so perfectly. Enjoy my first posted couple shoot! 

 Doesn't this look like he's walking on air? 

Recognize this picture?? ;) I just thought I would be so clever to have the same picture with different colour effects on just to trick you all.
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